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are the premium company providing services in the area of Sydney and surrounding suburbs. With our specialized and experienced team of customer support, we ensure a fast service at the convenience of your own home or office. Our super fast desktop support allows you to get your problems rectified in a matter of hours. If you are having any computer repair issues, feel free to contact us on 1300 072 073 for a Cost-Effective, Professional Computer Repair Service.

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I am very lucky to have the computer repair support of The Tech Dr.
It was an excellent SAME DAY service at no extra cost.
I would recommend it all
The Tech Dr is not only a computer repair service but it is better to say that they are one of the best
My experience with The Tech Dr is fantastic and I would like to recommend them for their perfection and dedication.
Mrs Smith

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Computer Repair

All computers eventually require servicing and repairs. Some Individuals can perform regular servicing on their own and others require technical experts, like The Tech Dr., to perform the services and repairs. Most of us don’t know that the computer needs to be opened once in a year to clean up the dust and atmosphere debris. The most common problem[Read More…]

Advance Data Recovery

Advanced data recovery servicesIn current times, we are storing more and more data in the digital format. Families use laptops as storage devices  to store their pictures and important documents. Some businesses scan all the invoices and store it using document management softwares. As memory is becoming cheaper, it is cheaper to buy the big capacity storage devices compared to storing the information on the paper [Read More…]

Virus Removal & Security

Virus removal servicesEvery laptop or computer system is exposed to the Cyber World. We assume that all the internet websites are safe but that’s not the case always. There are multiple threats on the internet in the form of viruses. Viruses are the programs that run on your computer and send your personal and sensitive information to the attackers.[Read More…]

Network & Wifi Setup

computer networking ServiceToday in the world of the fast growing digital devices, everything is on the internet and gone are the days when you have to look for a LAN cable to browse on the internet. We have wireless enabled devices which can just connect to the internet from practically anywhere. Our devices like the IPhone, IPad, Laptop, Computers, Apple Macbook can enjoy Wireless[Read More…]

Mac & IPad Repair

mac repairsTechnology advances in Macintosh world have been incredible. Macintosh system has been the trend changer in technology world. The choice of their hardware and software demonstrates the quality and great thinking behind each product..[Read More…]

Servers Seup

Windows Servers are the server operating system. The popular operating systems started from Windows Server 2003 until now Windows Server 2012. Installation of the Windows Server is similar to installing the new Operating System, with more server benefits like the Active Directory, LAN configuration, IP Address etc[Read More…]

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home    Free Home Visits for Computers, Laptop or Mac Repairs

Explain the problem in plain English without using Technical Jargon’s.

    No Surprises, No callout fees
    We take all precautions to secure your personal and professional information during Laptop repair.
    Our technicians are highly skilled and have excellent track record in trouble shooting and diagnostics of Laptop repairs.
    We repair your Laptop in front of you. The would give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Laptop.
    We would try to visit your home on the same day or discuss other alternates with you upfront.
    Fix it right, first time: this means that you avoid multiple visits and you get your System repair done to your utmost satisfaction.